Five Tips To Save On Your IT Infrastructure

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During the pandemic, we found a new list of clients who were moving to the internet because of the lack of choice with all the changes, and getting work done remotely was the only way to guarantee productivity. With the Coronavirus causing the issues it was, companies and businesses started making changes to the work they were handling and the structures they were working with for the last few years.

Most of the companies we were working with had to make some significant changes to the infrastructure that they were using. We would understand the needs of our clients and make changes so that they could keep up. We always worked on the most cost-effective process and created something that would last. 

We came across many processes they could follow if they wanted to create a new system that they could benefit from. Here are some of the most common pointers we would insist they follow to make sure they are working with the best system out there.

Tip #1: Do not buy endpoint protection without consulting our experts
When it comes to making changes that would benefit the company, sometimes people think in the short run and don’t account for much. We worked with our clients and told them not to make changes without thinking about the long-term implications. The endpoint protection also depends on the requirements you have as a company, and you don’t want to invest a ton of money and get something that might not work well.

Tip #2: Make sure to buy the correct hardware needed for your end-user
When it comes to hardware, it should match all the changes that take place. When it comes to IT infrastructure, there are many changes to account for. Additionally, you want to make sure that you know what you are working with at your end. We were so used to our clients not thinking about themselves and suggesting infrastructure that might not work with the systems and their requirements. We always look for the best solution to the process and understand their internal and external needs, so we assist with all-around assistance.

Tip #3: Don’t share your wifi connection with your guest. Instead, create a guest network that they can use
While hacking into someone’s system might not be the simplest process, you are putting yourself at risk by having your guests log into the same Wifi network as you. While the process might need a few additional routers, it is a better option to put up another network that people who are not a part of the organization can connect to. There are other changes that we assist with, and we also make sure we set up the system.

Tip #4: Let us create the right email solution for you
When dealing with a mailing list, you want to ensure it’s done properly. There are many clients you would be better able to connect to if you had their information and an automated email response system. We could have a system that would collect the emails, and we could have another that would segregate them so that the clients would be able to connect with the agency and get the information they are seeking. Additionally, a system like this assists when it comes to marketing and other campaigns that you might be running throughout the year. 

Tip #5: Use the safe way to connect remotely to your office
We allowed the people we were working with to get as much work as they wanted to do remotely. We needed to create new strategies for people to get more done, and in some cases, we created the infrastructure for them to work remotely so they could get the same productivity. When it came to IT companies, it was a lot easier to get done, but these were quite challenging for many companies, and they had to consult experts.

If you are looking for assistance with sorting out your IT infrastructure, connect with us at FT Solutions. We understand our client’s requirements and suggest options and changes they can implement and get through the process. We would also give them multiple options they could choose from to get through. If you want a better understanding of our services, please click here. If you are looking to connect with us or think we can assist with a requirement that you have, please click here.