How This New Information Technology Trend Could Benefit You

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With many organizations transitioning to work from home environments, it’s becoming increasingly expensive to assemble an in-house IT team and run newly installed data centers.

Therefore, to overcome these challenges, enterprises are investing in cloud computing.

Cloud computing reduces the space needed to store server hardware and networking equipment which saves money. It works on third-party internet-based servers and performs the functions of a local area network, making it accessible on PCs, laptops, and smartphones.

The advantage of using cloud technology is that it consolidates data and offers enhanced protection against data breaches. It also enables employees to remain productive by avoiding unplanned downtime due to system failure and data center outages.

However, business workloads are constantly distributed across physical, virtual and cloud environments, making it challenging for IT managers to backup tasks from different platforms. In this situation, a modern hybrid system is the best approach.

At FT Solutions, we offer a highly integrated and cost-effective cloud backup solution for hybrid environments. It enables businesses to encrypt data, keep off-site backups, and go back in time with file versioning.

We also add additional layers of protection. We achieve this by syncing data across different sites to construct a real-time disaster recovery plan. Our system effectively integrates public and private clouds seamlessly.

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