Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing IT Support

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No matter the size of your company, having effective IT services and systems can help increase productivity, save you money over time and help streamline your business’s goals. However, apart from these benefits, managing your IT system to keep your company’s technology running smoothly is imperative. Unfortunately, most companies fail to understand the importance of their IT infrastructure and often commit errors.

After years of carrying out IT services, FT Solutions has come across several businesses facing challenging IT situations that could have been dodged with awareness and professional assistance. To help avoid these situations and enable companies to get the best out of their IT services and systems, we have compiled a list of common mistakes businesses make when choosing IT support.

1. Inadequate technical support
A large number of businesses that handle tech support by themselves have inadequate knowledge and resources to handle some of the major problems in business, which means that a minor problem can set business processes back by days.

We at FT Solutions provide appropriate and affordable solutions, and transparency is one of our main cores. We will also explain every IT option available to make sure our clients’ technical needs are met.

2. Scarce resources
Forty percent of business owners choose to handle all tech issues themselves. Unfortunately, because of that, when their systems go down, they end up losing time and even clients as they struggle to fix the issue themselves without the proper resources.

3. Lack of protection
Protection, both physical and web-related, is one of the most important things for keeping the technology in a business running without incident. Ninety-four percent of small businesses are concerned about cybersecurity. Yet, many of them do not have adequate protection for the devices and software they use every day in their businesses.

Both physical and online protection is key to the success of a business, a single hacker can steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of information, and a single virus can lose them many of their clients and their good reputation. It’s extremely important to have the tech support they need to protect their company, assets, and clients.

4. Poor employee tech training
Aside from having inadequate tech support, many businesses also have inadequate technical training for their employees. Furthermore, a large number of technical problems could be avoided if employees knew more about the software and security of the devices they were using. We are looking to offer solutions that improve business efficiency, reduce technology issues, and invest time and effort into providing proper tech training.

5. Failed backup strategies
Most companies rely almost solely on technology to organize and protect their information. They may think they have an adequate backup but shockingly fail in their efforts to protect their precious data. Every week 14,000 hard drives crash in the United States. Furthermore, sixty percent of companies that lose all or part of their data will shut down within six months of the incident, and ninety-three percent of companies that are unable to recover their data after ten days file for bankruptcy.

This all too common mistake is incredibly unfortunate, simply because there are a wide variety of proven backup options available. With the right strategy, this fiasco is entirely avoidable. By working with FT Solutions consultants, companies can learn exactly what it takes to protect data from loss and then implement a strategy that complements their specific budget and company needs.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at FT Solutions. We are an IT services company in Miami, Florida, offering remote IT solutions, web designing, SEO and social media promotions, and security services. With us, you will find exceptional IT services at competitive pricing that can help you modernize your business and get better support for your organization.

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