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Remote IT Solutions, Web Designing, SEO / Social Media Promotions and Security Services.

At FT Solutions you will find exceptional IT Services at competitive pricing that can help you modernize your business and get better support for your organization.


To empower technology solution for Business at all levels. We will help our customer to success using the right technology.

What we believe

We continue to build a flexible platform of services to grow our ecosystem of solutions and provide the support and services to help you realize the business goals you’ve only dreamed of.

Our Cores

Focus on action: We work in Small Action Team and obtain quick results

360° approach: Focus on quality of work from all angles

Partner first: Always start with our clients in mind and work backwards. We will Deliver an Extraordinary Customer Experience—no exceptions!

Be a problem solver: We are critical thinkers & problem solvers who find solutions around roadblocks

Productize and simplify: Our options will deliver enterprise-like functionality & maturity; everything will be simple & user-friendly.

Our Services Include: IT Consulting | CCTV Camera Installation | IT/ Network Support | 3D Virtual Tours

FT Solutions serves clients across Hialeah, Miami, Doral, Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, and the surrounding areas.

For Networking & Security Camera Installation Services, Contact FT Solutions in Miami, Florida

Why Choose FT Solutions?

Why Choose FT Solutions?

  • Our Mission & Goal Is to Offer Clients Worry-free Technology, Become More Responsive, And Better Organize the Process.
  • Catering to the needs of small businesses, establishments in hospitality, and local businesses in need of IT consulting.
  • Specializing In-Network Equipment and General Computing

ABOUT FT Solutions

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting in Miami.

At FT Solutions you will find IT Services in Miami that can help you modernize your business and get better support on your organization. Its more than flexibility…

It’s IT Orchestration by FT SOLUTIONS.

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    Data is the lifeblood of any business, as it is used to generate detailed insights, which leads to more innovation, happier customers, and increased sales. However, with malware and online fraud growing and putting files, databases, and applications at risk, and some companies even held ransom to retrieve their valuable data, it is essential to be aware of what to look for and safeguard yourself and your business. Online vigilance is even more critical when considering the time wastage and money you could potentially lose. Additionally, you are not guaranteed to get all the stolen information back, even after paying a ransom.

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